Blac Chyna is making sure her ex, Tyga, 25, regrets ever walking out on her to a 17-year-old Kylie Jenner!

The mother-of-one knows what her mama gave her and is putting all her assets on full display in new photos.

Chyna, 26, who recently told press men her former BFF, Kim Kardashian is 'cool' despite their tensed relationship, left nothing to the imagination as she dropped her bra, flaunted her huge breasts, round butt  and rocked only a sexy red hot pant  and red stilletos while stretching her dangerous curves in a seating room.

The former stripper also made sure her extensive and multi-colorful tattoos came to light which also acted as the perfect accessory to her lingerie look.

Chyna is sexy and she knows it and despite Kylie's efforts to becoming a sex symbol, Tyga's ex is very confident that being a mom doesn't stop her from being super sexy.

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