Brother Sammy says it’s better to have children than to marry

Controversial Gospel musician, Brother Sammy is back with another controversial speech, this time around bordering on marriage.

 Brother Sammy

The Nation’s Prophet as Bro Sammy calls himself, told JoyPrime recently it’s far better to have children than to marry.


He expatiated his position by saying that children will always be there for you but a spouse has the tendency to ‘varnish’ when there’s a problem. He stated thus;

“As for me having children is better than getting married. Because if you are bedridden, your children will be beside you, and your wife or husband can decide to leave you for another.”

To consolidate his theory, Brother Sammy narrated a story of a man who ignored his pregnant wife’s pleas to help when she went into labor. He pointed out that many couples have turned into enemies.

He, therefore, compared marriage to a cage and counseled people to take their time and get ready before entering the facility.

“Marriage is cool. But the advice I will give everybody is to not rush into marriage. It’s a cage. Don’t rush into marriage because some people have married and are dying. Marriage has killed many people.

“Couples have turned into enemies. So I will tell someone that marriage is good but don’t rush. Children are a huge blessing because some are on a relentless pursuit to have some of their own. To me, it’s better to have children than get married.”

Brother Sammy whose real name is Samuel Opoku is a popular gospel musician based in Kumasi and known for his impressive live worship performance. Brother Sammy is well known for most controversies but he is one of the most talented gospel musicians in Ghana.


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