Chance The Rapper explains why University of Ghana is a powerful and historic institution

Chance the Rapper has expressed profound love for the University of Ghana, Legon. According to the American rapper, the school is a powerful and historic institution to the liberation of Africans across the world.

Chance The Rapper

Speaking about his memorable Ghanaian times on Accra-based TV3’s Showbiz 360, Chance the Rapper said, “my favourite thing that happened today, was we visited the University of Ghana.”

I don’t know how much everybody that lives here everyday understands how powerful or how historic or how celebrated that institution is around the world,” he added.

Malcom X spoke there in 1964. One of his most important speeches is from out of that space,” the Grammy-award winner noted and added that the University also " produced plenty of presidents for this country [Ghana]".

Giovani Caleb, the host of the show, noted that he is a proud alumnus of the school and Vic Mensa who was on the television show with Chance chipped in that: “My father too, you know.”

Emphasizing on his visit to the University of Ghana, Chance The Rapper said "it’s a place that I want to just highlight and say thank you for welcoming us so well".

The duo also spoke about their upcoming January 6, Black Star Line Festival.

I wanted to point out that the Black Star Line Festival isn’t only January 6. There is an entire week lead-up of events that happen and one of the most important things is that a lot of thought-leaders – I can’t say which one yet – but a lot of thought-leaders, activists, artists, and celebrated people around the diaspora are going to be leading some important talks at the University of Ghana, at the lecture halls,” Chance said.

The 'No Brainer' rapper continued that “everybody to mark their calendars and be ready for the top of the year. Don’t party too hard at the end because it’s going to be a wild week for sure. It’s free”.

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