Cheddar invites Kanye West to invest in Africa as he calls out IMF and World Bank

Freedom Jacob Ceaser has called on Kayne West to invest in Africa as he calls out the IMF and World Bank over the economic crisis and depreciation of the local currencies in Africa, especially the Ghana Cedi.

Freedom Jacob Ceaser and Kanye West

According to Bloomberg, Ghana’s Cedi has become the worst-performing currency in the world. This follows the currency’s sharp decline in value as it was reported to have lost 45.1% of its value against the US dollar since the year began.


In a new report a few days ago, the cedi depreciated again. On the other hand, Kanye West has also been facing economic woes as some of his business partners like Adidas among others are cancelling their partnerships over some controversial statements he made.

Following this, a Ghanaian millionaire, Freedom Jacob Ceaser, who has been on a Pan-African socio-political change campaign has issued a statement to the American rapper, Kanye West.

In a Tweet shared by Freedom Jacob Ceaser, he said the IMF and World Bank have also been holding Africa at a ransom. "@kanyewest IMF and the world bank are holding countries at ransom for economic crisis in Africa Ghana my country is one of them".

In the tweet that has gone viral, he continued that "my advice for you is if they don’t want your billions in their banks then use some of the funds to save countries in Africa with currency depreciation".

In another Tweet, he said "@kanyewest take their space, their glory and grace. There are 100’s of million young people in Africa that are suffering. This could be an opportunity for us to save the world, redeem our society and revive our kingdom again. We are crowned by God and not by humans. FJC".

The tweet has stirred mixed reactions on the microblogging platform. "After mismanaging the little we had and giving unnecessary freebies, you want Kanye West to come and pump his money for it to be consumed by the greedy few?" a Twitter user @kwamekkwah said.

Another Tweep said "Hes no longer a billionaire but no one billionaire can save ur country’s situation. Blame inflation, blame the FED for hiking rates and ur central banks shocking monetary policy to over borrow and be laden with debt they cant afford to due to current rates".

See more tweets below of what social media users have to say abput Cheddar's tweet.


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