Chris Brown and veteran hip hop star Ice T are some of the Hollywood stars who are slamming Kanye West and his recently released 'Yeezy Season 2' collection at the 2015 New York Fashion Week.

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Brown reposted a video on Instagram that featured strange talking puppets of Kanye, Caitlyn Jenner, 65, and Jay Z, 45 mocking West and his Yeezy 2 show. While Breezy may be having an innocent laugh about it, could he have inadvertently thrown shade at his pals?

The video shows the models on Yeezy’s runway for his fashion show, sporting their stylish nude garments. Front and center stands a puppet version of Caitlyn wearing a robe, who calls it "Hunger Games looking s–t." Then Kanye says: “You’re gonna kick back and watch this s–t like a movie, one Yeezy fit is like a thousand Gucci.” Next, Jay Z who's sitting in the crowd criticizes Kanye’s collection. "What kind of f–king outfit is this, can you please remind me, man this s–t weird,” Jay says, to which Ye responds by telling him to "be quiet."

Veteran rapper, Ice T is another star whom Kanye's new clothing line collection failed to impress. The rapper totally dissed his peer's collection. Ice said Kanye's clothes resembles "future slave gear." and shared an old photo from Kanye's February 2015 NYFW show!

The 57-year-old 'Law & Order: SVU' actor wrote alongside the picture, "Kanye’s fashion show stuff looks like future Slave gear to me… Just sayin." About an hour later, Ice-T followed up that tweet with the message, "I’m not POP… So I speak freely.."