Delay tells how some girls travel to Dubai to eat poo of Arab men for $40,000 (WATCH)

Delay is unhappy over the "sudden craze for superficiality" among young women and girls on social media.


According to the TV host, it surprises her how all of a sudden, a lot of women want perfect bodies, hence, undergoing liposuction to enhance their figure.

"There is this sudden craze for superficiality, that's why people now say my tummy is sagging so I am going to cut it. Since when did we get here, it is something I can never do because maybe I am a villager," Delay said.

Delay in a video that is going viral also added that people now travel to Dubai to engage in nasty sexual acts to fund their luxurious lives on social media. "Of late, excuse me to say, some girls allow Arab men in Dubai to poo in their mouths to be paid $40,000," she said.


She continued that "They come back and use that money to buy designer clothes to post on social media. so do we live a meaningful life with this? You know what I am talking about. Recently, in a video that went viral, you'll see a lady sleeping and these Arab men pooing in her mouth".

Expressing her disgust about the act, she quizzed: "Are you serious? What at all are you looking for in this world? To buy iPhone 14? Do you know something?

According to Delay, "The Bible is the greatest manual in life, one thing the bible has said is that all things of this world shall pass. If you go and buy a new Range Rover now, tomorrow they will manufacture a brand new one. So unless you go back to buy the brand new, we can never keep up with the world".

Hear more from her in the video below.

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