Diana Hamilton didn't charge for National Cathedral show but was given something - Manager

June 23rd 2022, 4:57:20 pm

Diana Hamiltons management has disclosed that the National Cathedral committee gave her money though she didnt request it.

Diana Hamilton

The clarification is coming after Ningo Prampram MP, Sam George, alleged that organizers for a fundraiser event for the National Cathedral paid GHS30,000 each to gospel artists who graced the ceremony.

Diana Hamilton happens to be one of the singers who performed at the National Cathedral Fundraiser in Kumasi a few years back.

Her manager, David Ennin, speaking on the allegation indicated they were only given an undisclosed amount of money for 'fuel'. In an interview with Metro TV, he explained that the money was given to them even though they didn't charge for the show.

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"Diana performed in Kumasi when they did the Ashanti Regional one (National Cathedral fundraiser). We have a category of appreciation for artistes. When you say artistes were paid, does it mean that the artist charged or they were appreciated because as far as I know, we didn't charge," he said.

"I think they appreciated us, but that one I can't disclose [the amount], and it was not anything that is close to any charge. That one we didn't charge. Diana Hamilton performed, but she didn't charge. But I quite remember; I think they gave something for what she did," David Ennin added.

The artiste manager detailed "we stayed for long because the program delayed and so after everything, I think they gave something for our fuel and whatever. That is what I can say. But on authority, we didn't charge because the was no negotiation".

This comes to add to many controversies surrounding the government's decision to build a National Cathedral. According to the NDC and other critics, the NPP government is hiding behind the project to engage in corruption.

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The latest to add his voice to the debate is Ningo Prapram MP, Sam George, who shared a screenshot of Sonnie Badu's tweet to say that "I have tried to be silent on this Cathedral matter but I honestly believe it is about time the Church distances itself from the blatant theft and robbery going on in the name of GOD".

In a Facebook post, he continued that "they claimed to have paid SONNIE BADU $50,000 for a song ministration at the launch in the US. Now he has come out to say he was not given a dime and not even a seat was offered to him and his team. So who took the $50,000? Surely the Trustees do NOT know about this!

"Again, they claimed to have paid GHS30,000 to each of the gospel artists who ministered at the launch here in Accra. Can those artists also confirm if they received these monies?" the MP further quizzed.

"I shall return with even more questions but the Church and the Fathers of the faith must be minded by the spirit of Ananias and Sapphira. Accountability is the bedrock of the faith. A temple of truth, holiness and piety cannot be built on a foundation of unholy lies, deception and financial opacity," Sam George concluded in the post

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