As news concerning the passing of Ghanaians dancehall musician,

Earlier, reported that Ebony has passed away alongside two others after they were involved in a car accident in Ahafo Ano South district of Ashanti Region.

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More information available now indicates that the accident could have been caused by a heap of sand in the middle of the road.

Media reports state that the driver of the vehicle conveying Ebony tried to avert a heap of sand in the middle of the road and in turn collided with a VIP bus.

The VIP bus was reportedly coming along on top speed in the other lane and the heap of sand had turned the double-laned road into a single lane one.

Whereas no official confirmation of how the accident occured has been given by the Ghana Police, COP Ken Yeboah, the Ashanti Regional Police Commander, confirmed the death earlier.

"My officers went there and identified the bodies of 3 persons (2 females and a male), including Ebony. Ebony was on board a jeep with registration number AS 487-13," he told Joy FM.

The deceased in the accident have since been deposited at the Mankranso Hospital.

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Ebony's death has shaken many Ghanaians who are likening it to the untimely passing of Terry Bonchaka and Suzzy Williams - other budding stars over the pass. Terry and Suzzy also passed away in car accidents.