The socialite on February 15 – a day after the just ended Valentine’s Day – tweeted about the after effect of the erotic affairs which happened on the lovers’ day.

However, her joke went wrong. Twitter were blunt, pointing to her that the tweet was in a rush.

“Valentine is over, where is your period. You are sitting at home, cryyyiiinnngggggg [sic],” she tweeted.

Efia Odo tweet
Efia Odo tweet

But one Twitter user pointed out the guff.

“Erm ma’am I think your joke is few weeks early,” the user quoted Efia’s tweet, and the reactions were hilariously priceless.

“She no calculate well,” a user replied. “The math didn’t come through,” another user said.

The tweet was described as ‘dead’ by a user. “Init. So I’m pregnant from Friday to Sunday? That joke was so dead.”

“The ‘I hate maths people’” a user added.

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