Rumours recently had it that the new Hollywood hottie and Jennifer Lopez are an item but the actor in his interview with Cosmo revealed that Jennifer was just a co-worker.

"She's a co-worker and now she's a friend. Everything worked out perfect", he said.

Despite pictures of them at the Golden Globes getting tongues wagging, the 27-year-old says he’s totally professional with his sexy co-star saying: "The very first day of filming The Boy Next Door was surreal. I was like, 'I can't believe I'm working with Jennifer Lopez'.

"But after that any thoughts I had about her being a superstar had to go out the window so I could be professional. My character is toying with her character's emotions throughout the whole film and it becomes very intense," he added.

Ryan did the photoshoot to help raise awareness for cancer research in UK as he lost his grandfather to cancer and is ready to do anything to back the research.

"I lost my grandfather to cancer when I was 13. It's very serious; it's affected my life and I will do everything I can to back Cancer Research."