Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Gifty Osei says gospel artistes are dying slowly because their lives are constantly under public surveillance; not living their lives to the fullest like every other Ghanaian.

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She lamented that gospel artistes have blood running through their veins like every individual and should be given some space to enjoy the pleasures of life  such as travelling, going to the cinema and singing and dancing to secular.

Read her post she shared on Instagram below:

"*gospel artist do not say in matters arising being it social, political or economic.

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*gospel artist cannot abroad apart from work purposes

*gospel artist cannot luxury being it a car, house, expensive outfit, a trip to vacation with his or her family abroad.

*gospel artist cannot voice her feeling if she is suffering emotionally in her marital home or marriage.

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*gospel artist cannot retaliate if he or she is being disgrace by word of mouth or any form of abuse.

*gospel artist cannot sing or dance to the lyrics of their fellow colleague song being it highlife etc.

*social media is not relevant to gospel artist.

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*gospel artist can’t have their leisure time (swimming, going to cinemas)netc.

Hmmm get it right that gospel artist are just human with blood running through our veins like every single person but the difference is the auction that we carry to help spread the word through the ministration of songs.

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Gospel artist are slowing dieing because every single thing you do will be tagged us “gospel artist”. The change we need has come allow gospel artist to also live their lives in the end what matters is to please God not man. Thank you".