Ghanaians want good roads, hospitals but they’re getting cathedral - Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson, who is known for speaking her mind and taking on political matters mostly on social media, claimed in a recent tweet that although Ghanaians do not demand as much from the government, they are underserved in all areas.

Lydia Forson

According to her, there are other important things such as basic human needs the current government could provide but rather they chose to give us a cathedral and expensive restaurants, the average Ghanaian can’t afford.


Per a new report, NsuomNam, one of the most expensive restaurants in Cantonments, was recently opened by President Akufo-daughter, Addo’s daughter.

“When you think about it, Ghanaians are not asking for much oh. Good roads, stable electricity, water, hospitals and just the basics for human survival.

Instead, we’re getting a cathedral, expensive restaurants and real estate and everything else the average Ghanaian can’t afford,” the actress and filmmaker wrote.

The actress is and continues to be one of the biggest critics of bad governance in the country. The actress has maintained such a position for several years and continues to fight for the people of Ghana regardless of which government is in power.

She recently accused African leaders of being beneficiaries of underdevelopment.

According to her, people will someday come to realise why leaders plan to keep their subordinates poor.

Her comments suggested that African leaders have benefitted from the suffering of their subjects since time immemorial.


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