The co-producer and director of “Away Bus” movie made this juxtaposition with his experience in New York on his recent vacation.

“Nobody can convince me that blacks are wiser than whites. Never, and it can never happen,” he stated in a video he shared on Instagram on Wednesday, August 14.

“To be fair, whites shouldn’t die. Rather, blacks should die and leave the earth for whites to maintain,” he stated while displaying skyscrapers and a serene environment in New York.

According to him, blacks cannot create and manage such environment.

But Gloria Sarfo believes blacks are capable. She made it known by comparing the works of the film director and how he has been supported by blacks to climb the ladder.

“Well, I know one black man who is not a fool, but works so hard to make a livings, shoots good movies in a black continent, with black actors and crew, patronized by black people and sponsored by black people in my black country called Ghana....” she wrote on Instagram.

Kofi Asamoah’s statement has attracted a lot of attacks and insults from Ghanaian fans.

“My friend educate yourself before you spew your dumbness on the gram wai. Do you know the amount of useful things invented by blacks that the world needs and uses today? Wei gyimi paa wa te,” an Instagram user facesbygloriasarp fired.

A user (touchmakeupartistry) reminded him of lifting movies belonging to whites and using to his benefit.

“Well, I thought him not a fool too, until i just read he lifted a whole abrofo movie and duplicated it verbatim but with black crew, black actors on black soil and sold to black audience.....Gadammit!!!! Then this FOOL must be brain dead with cash.”

Another user (erickwakukyere1975gmail.com1) believes we are all equal in the eyes of God.

“Well in some case you have a reason ,but in the image of God we're the same ,,the first black man on earth were tweens one was white and black was holding the feet of the white man when they were born,,and the most respectful sign on earth is to bowl down and hold someone's feet,,so these means we are under white man's feet wright from the womb ,so this world belongs to them, please I am not selling our sovereignty but you can see it when leaving with them or they leave with you,,they're always on top ..maybe we can change it by our effort.”