Go and rent for your mother; Blakk Rasta replies Shatta Wale

Blakk Rasta has called off the bluff of Shatta Wale who has landed myriads of insult on him.

Blakk Rasta and Shatta Wale

The Raggea presenter cum musician and Shatta Wale have been entangled in a back and forth over Blakk Rasta's comments that Shatta Wale is always bragging.

Speaking on Shatta Wale cominb to insult him on radio, he said "Shatta Wale, normally, you know say me I no dey have time respond to people like that, you understand; I just want to put you in your place a little bit. Y

"Our big mouth like a pig, I say your big mouth is like the Atlantic Ocean. I don’t usually do this but I want you to understand something small Me, Blakk Rasta, if I can take on the President, former President, then who be you – you understand? You see, the video wey you do throw insults around and things, I dey sympathise with you; what I talk be very simple," he added.

In jabbing Shatta Wale, he advised the musician to use his money to rent a place for his mom who faces ejection from the house she is staying. Blakk Rasta further stated that the musician even though he is in his early 40's, due to excessive smoking, looks older than his age.


"My brother ibi time to humble [yourself]. As we dey talk, the time you dey Bandana dey struggle gidigidi eno be me dey come talk say oh chale Blakk Rasta the way your name dey go, my uncle like you; if you go fi help me; I no hold your hand go your uncle en there? I take you go your uncle en there, he give you money, alie? The day your uncle give you money, you give me some? I talk to your uncle he give you house wey you go dey the house inside, a few months later he sack you say you bring all the drug addicts for town inside [the house] wey you dey do drugs; ebi me talk?

“…You be 42 years…show your birth cert make people see, why you dey hide your age…if dem be any fake person for this world, ebi you…if you claim say you get money, what you dey do give your ghetto fans. That be what adey ask you ooo wey you vex dey talk plenty, smoke plenty cigarette; ebi cancer you go get. [You smoke] cigarette wey your face all dey like the kakai you sing about no. Cigarette you dey smoke; you no dey shy saf. Small boy like you cigarette stick after stick, cancer wey you go get; liver cirrhosis. Your money no, where ego take you if you get cancer now?” Blakk Rasta questioned.


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