Help your wives get sexy instead of having sexy side chicks - Efia Odo advises married men

Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo isn’t married yet but she has an advice that may save many collapsing marriages.

Efia Odo


According to Efia Odo, married men should channel the energy they invest in ‘sexy side chicks’ into their wives to look good for them.

“Some men will marry and have sexy side chicks. Why don’t you just help your wife to get her sexy back,” she revealed in a tweet on Thursday, April 8.

She said instead of going for sexy side chicks, married men can help their wives to look sexy by taking them to the gym (if they are overweight), buy them sexy cloths, follow them to the hair saloon and motivate them.

Her full tweet read: “Some men will marry and have sexy side chicks. Why don’t you just help your wife to get her sexy back. Go to the gym with her if you think she’s put on weight. Buy her sexy clothes, take her to get her hair done. Motivate her and help boost her self-esteem again.”

Her tweet attracted positive and negative comments.

“@efiaodo1 don't waste your energy sef! My future husband go hear. I will look young till I die! I just sent a screenshot of this your post to my boyfriend! And he is laughing but he does not know what is coming! This look won't go waste da,” a Twitter user said.

“Still kraa we can’t eat one food for a whole life time ...Variety is life. Withstanding what you just said,” a male user disagreed with her.

Another said: “Some women immediately you tell her she is gaining weight paiiiiiiii Asem Abaaa she will fight you to the tooth.”

“Afia, our women don't want us to tell them the truth about themselves. Tell her she is gaining weight and so has to go for a workout....booom trouble come,” added, another user.


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