Video: I didn’t marry a Ga woman because they like begging – Nii Funny

Ghanaian artiste Nii Funny has controversially stated that he didn’t marry a woman from his own ethnic group because they like begging.

‘I didn’t marry a Ga woman because they like begging’ – Nii Funny

The singer, who is a Ga, said this while explaining some of the things he does not like about women from his ethnic group.

Nii Funny is known for singing in the Ga Language, although he is currently married to a Black American lady.

“They don't like me. They fear me. They think I will not take them anywhere. One thing I don't like about the Ga women is that they like begging,” he said on Accra-based Okay FM.


“Any little thing, they want to do this and that. They can ask you for 1000 cedis and 2000 cedis to buy cloth.

“And if you ask them what they need cloth for, they will tell you their brother’s father’s brother’s friend’s little brother’s brother’s son’s son has got a funeral. It's too much.”

Meanwhile, popular music producer, Kaywa has reacted to the criticisms about his work with secular artists.

Known as a church person, the music producer disclosed he has been challenged over his association with secular artists.

Speaking on the 3FM Drive, however, Kaywa said he is not perturbed because he is a follower of Jesus Christ.


“Jesus left his throne, and when he came down, there were many times he was not found in the synagogue. Most of the time, he was found with the sinners. If I’m a follower of Jesus. If I’m with the sinners, now they condemn me but remember, Jesus went through the same condemnation.

“But you see, the purpose is transformation. It’s not just mingling. If you follow me, you will realise that anyone who talks about me, talks about transformation,” he said.

“I seek to demystify the religious act of people so we can bring ourselves to a place where we understand that Jesus came to save all,” he added.

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