I knew Tracy was the one for me because I didn’t have a reason - Sarkodie

June 23rd 2022, 12:56:24 pm

Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, has shared how he knew from the get-go that he wanted to marry his wife, Tracy.

Sarkodie and Wife, Tracy

The rapper, disclosed South African-based podcast, ‘Podcast and Chill with MACG’ that ‘the reason why I knew it was her was because I didn’t have a reason,” he stated.

Although he admitted that he has special preferences with regards to women, his connection with Tracy is not based on anything physical.

“And till today, I keep telling her I have my spec, which is physical and every guy has a spec but it wasn’t that about her, you don’t know why, you just want to know the person.”

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Sarkodie further revealed that he had known Tracy while they were younger, however, she left Ghana and grew up in Germany. They only reconnected when Tracy returned from Europe.

“For a long time, she went to Germany to live her whole life, she lived her life and I lived mine and she was back. We reconnected and I had the biggest heartbreak around the same time and I was really into the music trying to get the music to go off.”

Sarkodie also narrated the incident which kicked off their romantic relationship.

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“I was coming from the studio and I heard she was back in town and she was hanging out with the guys, these guys everybody wanted to get to her so anything she said even if it wasn’t funny they were laughing for no reason and I came as a hustler and she was like that’s Michael you look grown and I flipped, I was mad and I was like are you my age mate? Do you know how old I am, for you to say that? I was mad, you know when you are starving everything sounds like an insult. She was shocked because she did not think what she said warranted that response and that’s what got her. Funny enough, that’s what got her. She tried to apologise and the apology is what you guys are now seeing.”

Sarkodie met Tracy when he was still striving to become a successful artiste. They only married in 2018. They have two children.

Kofi Boateng
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