I see beating my children as barbaric, so I don't do it - Okyeame Kwame

Ghanaian rapper Okyeame Kwame, firmly believes that physically disciplining children through beating is a form of violence and he does not support such practices.


As a father of two, Okyeame Kwame has never resorted to laying hands on his children when they make mistakes. Despite this, he can effectively correct their behavior and guide them in the right direction.

During an interview on Joy Prime's morning show, he shared his approach to dealing with his children's misconduct.

"I don't beat my children. I consider it the most barbaric thing a human being can do. It is violent," he expressed firmly. However, Okyeame Kwame emphasizes that pampering is not a part of their upbringing either. Instead, he employs his own method of training, which he refers to as the "role modalism strategy."

According to him, this technique works wonders because children tend to mimic the behavior of older individuals. He explained, "I utilize the concept of mirror neurons through role modalism. Whatever I want my children to do, I lead by example. If I want my children to respect women, I demonstrate respect toward my wife. If I want them to adopt healthy eating habits, I embrace a healthy lifestyle myself."

Not only does Okyeame Kwame oppose corporal punishment, but he also dislikes the practice of shouting at children. Instead, he believes in granting his children the freedom to live and develop independently. He respects their privacy and provides them with the space they need to build their own identities.

Okyeame Kwame says he strives to create a loving and respectful environment for his children to thrive.

He also applauded Ghana's educational system for reviewing and reconsidering the use of corporal punishment.


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