I stopped having sex when I got pregnant - Nana Ama McBrown

Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown has opened up about all the precautions she had to take so she didn't lose her baby.

Nana Ama McBrown

According to her, she had to refrain from sex until her baby was born.

Speaking to Naa Ashorkor on her 'We Got This' show, Nana Ama revealed that after she broke the news of the pregnancy to her husband, they agreed not to have sex until the baby was born.

"After I broke the news to my husband, he didn't believe me until I sent a picture of the results to him. Then he called back and opted to pick me up from the hospital to the house. When he came, he was smiling and I could see it. We were excited and he said if so, then we weren't going to have sex. But this was something we weren't already doing during the IVF process."

Here's the thing, you need the man in the process because you can’t do it alone. The man is like 40% of the process while you are the 60% because you are the vessel in this. When I look at the way the procedure went and my husband's role in it, I realised he has been really supportive," she said.

Among some other precautions, Nana Ama noted that she downloaded Apps that taught her how to live like a pregnant woman.

She added that she, however, had a smooth pregnancy until she gave birth.

"Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. My own was so smooth. There were no reactions. I was not vomiting or falling sick. I ate well, slept well and was virtually well throughout. The only thing I wasn't doing was having sex. I stopped having sex," she said.

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