I will continue to speak my mind – Blakk Rasta on being a pastor

Controversial media personality, Blakk Rasta, who was recently ordained as a pastor says being an ordained Minister of God will not change his outspokenness about issues.

Blakk Rasta

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz in an interview recently, the radio host said “Nothing will change about my views on topical issues. I always say that I speak to build and not to destroy. Speaking my mind is a way of helping society to develop so I will continue with that.


The Kochoko legend, known for being an outspoken personality in Ghana, stated that he is still the same as the person everyone knows adding that he has had no respect for “spiritual” things since he was widely read.

“In fact, I had no respect for anything spiritual and that is because I have read widely and believed everything has to be physical. Even though I had more than 20 men of God telling me I would join them one day, I still believed if I have to succeed in life, it has to be physical and that is by working hard. I never believed in spiritual things,” he said.

According to Blakk Rasta, his type of calling was not to go to church or minister to a congregation or establish a place of worship for people to pay tithes, among others, but it is for him to move into the streets to get drug addicts, the hungry, and the poor, among others, to lead them to the throne of God.

The media personality was ordained as a pastor after graduating from Breakthrough Family Chapel Bible School.

Blakk Rasta has over the years been very critical of most religions, including Christianity, over the years. At times, he even alleged that the Bible’s text had been changed because the original manuscripts had been destroyed in the past.

Black Rasta was raised in an Islamic family and eventually abandoned Islam in favor of Rastafarianism.

Later, he confessed his Christian faith and registered for a Bible school.


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