It's wrong for Tinny to attack Stonebwoy, he must apologize - Captain Planet

Captain Planet has called out Tinny for wrongly insulting Stonebwoy who was only trying to show support to him.

Captain Planet

The 'Ale Tse' rapper described the Dancehall act as an 'idiot' and a 'fool' for offering to pay off an event promoter who dragged Tinny to a police station for failing to appear at a show he was allegedly booked and paid to attend.

Reacting to Tinny's interview and furious comments targeted at Stonebwoy, the defunct 4x4 member said "Stonebwoy didn’t do anything wrong for accepting to pay his colleague’s debt even if the story was true or false. He was only trying to be nice and to stop that embarrassment immediately that was going on at that time on radio".

In A Twitter thread, he continued that "because of his genuine love for tinny and it’s not even necessary for him to call tinny and say i have paid your debt because that’s what brothers do. We’re each other’s keeper".

Disapproving Tinny's attack on Stonebwoy, he emphasized that "Tinny was right for cussing out the presenter and the radio station for not calling him to verify but he was wrong for attacking stonebwoy ( calling him a fool)"

According to Captain Planet, he will "blame the radio station and the presenter for not calling Tinny to verify whether he owes the guy or not before granting that guy an interview

"The reason why I’m saying this is that before the interview, the guy called the presenter first to narrate the story and the presenter decided to give him that platform & gave the guy time to be on air so they can talk about the issue. The presenter can’t just put the guy on radio without verifying from tinny & allowing the guy to tarnish his image just like that".

Captain Planet concludes that "The presenter and the radio station were WRONG for not calling tinny to verify first and allowed the guy to embarrass tinny live on air. They should apologize to tinny and tinny too should apologize for calling Stonebwoy a fool. Stonebwoy was just a good samaritan helping his guy".

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