Joselyn Dumas who is a Ghanaian Award-winning actress and television personality just got laid-off by Joy FM media because of her performance.

According to sources, the TV personality left because she failed to offer what she needed to produce.

The Media group expected her to produce more than they expected considering her line of work and the experience she's gained.

She was assigned to join Naa Ashorkor and Sammy Forson to help transform the flagship radio station of the group, Joy FM in March 2018.

After seven months the actress has resigned from the Media Group for reasons known to herself and the group.

Joselyn Dumas

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Her departure from the media house has been communicated to all staff of the company. It happens that some of the staff disagreed to her employment in the first place considering the fact that they had people available that could have done her job anyway.

According to Joy FM media, Joselyn's departure was due to non-performance.

The actress has accomplished a lot in her years of being on TV screens and one can only imagine if this departure would affect her or not at all.