Ghanaian actress is in the country for the promotion of her latest movie ''.

The premiere of the movie is happening today (October 14) at  Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, Lagos.

With a few hours to the premiere, Juliet Ibrahim has shared a sort of eye catching picture on Instagram. The award winning movie star shared a picture today which looks as if she has almost no clothes on.

The picture looks quite dark, but it looks like she is hardly wearing anything.

"Deciding on what to wear before Stepping out in a few hours in all cinemas across nigeria " wrote Juliet Ibrahim in the caption of the picture.

Is she wearing clothes?

Earlier today we posted an exclusive story about Juliet Ibrahim speaking about the media invading her privacy.

"I don’t think my privacy is being invaded, because what people fail to realize is I have social media accounts, and my social media accounts are for my fans, media and followers to stay updated as to what I do or what I am about" she said.

You can watch the interview bellow;