This month is one mystery box of love. There has been breakups and makeups. Not forgetting those who found love category of which our very

The actress shared a photo of herself all loved-up with her new boyfriend. This time it isn’t stew but rather #hypeandsteam. She captioned the photo with a love emoji and wrote, “Finally (love emoji) Always mine #hypeandsteam … #teamwinning.

After a little digging, we discovered that the gentleman in the picture is none other than the one and only, Vectorthaviper who is also a rapper. The duo looked so enthralled by each other in the photo. This would be her new public relationship since the one between her and Iceberg Slim hit the rocks.

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Love is indeed a beautiful thing if their smiles are anything to go by. We wish you all the best our dear Juliet if this is the one.