Justin Bieber is under fire after been accused of touching a Playboy model inappropriately. Sarah Harris alleges that the singer was thrown out of a party in August after grabbing her breast.

Now, Playboy is trying to set the record straight about what exactly transpired at between Bieber and the model at their party.

"Playboy is not aware of, nor did we receive any reports/complaints regarding this incident. Justin Bieber was not thrown out of the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party," Playboy’s publicity director, Teri Thomerson, tells HollywoodLife.

In a recent interview on September 28, Harris claims that the 21-year-old singer touched her breast during the party and she reacted by slapping him across the face, which led to him eventually being escorted out of the party.

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Despite her claims, new reports say there is no confirmation regarding whether or not the singer truly touched her and it’s getting harder and harder to believe Sarah! Playboy publicist has also revealed that Harris is not a real Playmate.

"She was a participant in our Miss Social contest that was featured on Playboy.com,” Teri explained.