Giving an in-depth account of how his well-furnished home was razed down by the fire in the late hours of Monday, September 7, he disclosed that it is linked to an electrical fault. The actor recalls that the incident started around how8: pm when he retired to bed and was watching a programme.

Speaking to Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix, he said, suddenly the television went off but he initially suspected it was due to blackout in his area but upon peeping through his window, he realised his neighbours had their lights on.

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According to Koo Fori since his bedroom television was failing to turn on he decided to go to his hall to watch the programme but he was greeted with a foul odour.

I smelled smoke: I thought it was from the kitchen so I quickly run to check but it was not from that part. So I went back to the hall and the whole place was smoky with fire coming from the AC. For a second, I could not breathe because the smoke was too much. I was scared to move out because of the fire that was spilling out from the AC,” he said.

Koo Fori
Koo Fori

Koo Fori detailed that he became indecisive on whether to go to the bedroom or move out with his eyes closed and his hands covering his nose. He narrates that without seeing through the thick smoke, he managed to use his legs to trace his main door and managed to go out, after which he began coughing profusely.

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The 'Efiewura' star said after his successful exit from the fire outbreak he screamed for help and a neighbour rushed to his rescue. The actor added that loud explosions from the outbreak saw rescuers increased in number before the entire hall went up in flames.

According to him, the rescuers managed to quench the fire by throwing buckets of water in the hall before the Fire Service personnel arrived at the scene.

Koo Fori and late wife
Koo Fori and late wife

Speaking about the damage caused, he said “even before the fire service came I had lost everything in the hall, nothing was left; TV, sofa, everything was gone except for a freezer sitting in one corner of the hall. All my clothes, even I could not identify the colour of my bedsheets because they had turned black. My bathroom has white tiles, they all turned black,” he said in the interview seen by

Koo Fori says he consoles himself with the fact that life is worth more than vanity. Hear more from him in the video below.