Lydia Forson says African leaders benefit from the underdevelopment of Africa

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson, who is known for her vocal nature has passionately spoken up about the hardship in the country and has accused African leaders of being beneficiaries of underdevelopment.

Lydia Forson

The actress on a Twitter rant, went as far back as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade citing the involvement of some Africans in the enslavement of fellow Africans.


According to her, people will someday come to realize why leaders plan to keep their subordinates poor.

Her comments suggested that African leaders have benefitted from the suffering of their subjects since time immemorial.

"We don’t talk enough about the role Africans played in the slave trade, only because racists will jump at anything to shift blame.

"But someday we’re going to have, to understand why our leaders keep us in poverty. There are many who benefit from our underdevelopment, many!" she said.

Many folks agreed wholeheartedly with the actress and dropped their two cents on the matter.

"Africans selling Africans into slavery is not the same as Africans selling their people into slavery. In pre colonial times Asante and Denkyira were not one state. So selling your captives to the whites doesn’t constitute selling your people" a tweet said. "It shocks me oo ... the whiteman did nothing ... the Blackman was willing to sell his fellow men into slavery" another added.

"You want to understand our historical role in the slave trade, look at our current leaders and their actions. It's the same. The objective hasn't changed. We're still selling the people "a tweet said.

"My sister, you're right. While Africa is bn exploited from outside, our brothers & sister parading the corridors of power, are also taking advantage of us at home."

The actress is and continues to be one of the biggest critics of bad governance in the country. The actress has maintained such a position for several years and continues to fight for the people of Ghana regardless of which government is in power.


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