Manu Bennet also referred to as Crixus from the TV series 'Spartacus' was handcuffed and jailed for getting drunk and knocking a guy out cold during a Comic-Con after-party  in San Antonio.

According to Police report, Bennett - who also plays Azog in the 'Hobbit' - was hanging with a bunch of people in a San Antonio hotel room ... drinking and having a good time ... until he was asked to leave. Witnesses told police that Bennett had had too much to drink.

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Before Bennett left the room he stared down the other guests, and when one of them dared to ask, "What?" ... witnesses say the actor unloaded a knockout punch to the guy's face. The victim's nose was broken and bleeding.

The police arrived the scene and went to Bennett's hotel room. At first he didn't remember the fight, but later claimed he was trying to defend himself.

Bennett was arrested and booked for assault.  There's still no word if he'll be heading to trial or if the victim will press charges.

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