Mariah Carey claims reason for her breakup with billionaire businessman James Packer is his ties to Scientology.

US Weekly reports Packer’s business manager, Tommy Davis, formerly served as a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, and sources say he was the one to cause their breakup.

According to sources close to Carey, Davis has also urged Packer to begin a 'Purification Rundown', a Scientology detox program.

We also learnt Packer practised Scientology from 2002 until 2006, but when Carey arrived on his yacht in mid-September, she sensed that he was somehow altered, and suspected Scientology as the cause.

Soon after, she was forced by his staff to vacate the premises.

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However, Packer denied Carey's allegations. Report has it that the billionaire businessman severed his tie with Carey because she is “a diva.”

Carey is however demanding a $50 million settlement for “emotional distress.”

Recall that James Parker proposed to Carey with a 35-karat diamond ring earlier this year less than a year after the couple met at a movie premiere in Aspen.

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