TV host, Wendy Williams is out for Mariah Careys blood following her

Just in case you were wondering, Mariah Carey seems to have moved on from billionaire ex-boyfriend, James Parker.

The singer was spotted kissing, frolicking and making out with her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, on a beach in Hawaii on Monday, November 27, 2016.

Now, Wendy Williams thinks it's all an act of desperation and a publicity stunt.

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Talking about the photos the controversial TV host said, "Mariah Carey’s romance with her backup dancer - if you believe what she wants you to believe then you'll say it’s real. However, if you look at my face - what do you think I say?

They were making out like crazy in the ocean in Hawaii - the paparazzi was there to film everything. I don’t believe this romance."She has gone from being really cute and being really fun to being desperate and worrisome."

Adding, "I mean, I don’t worry about her - I’ve got my own problems - I certainly don’t have any worries for a 500million heiress, but I do have my concerns."“Like, Mariah, I don’t believe this romance for a moment.This is your way, in my mind, to cover up this James Packer break up thing and you’re still trying to pine for your $50million inconvenience fee, which by the way makes you sound like a Saturday night special.

"You also have your new reality show coming out which starts on Sunday night on E! See what I’m saying? Trying to promote something. And I don’t know what part of Mariah is so addicted to being in front of our eyeballs but she has to sacrifice perhaps her own well-being."

Like, you are a crazy girl! At this point, you look crazy and I just wish you would go into your house and shut the door and just live on your money and come out everyone once in a while and do a show and have a good time.

"Your kids are adorable but they’re old enough to watch what mummy does now. You should have cancelled the reality show and tell E! you need to start this over again."

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Since Carey's split from Parker, there has been different reports as to the reason for their split, amongst which is that the billionaire had been uncomfortable with the 46-year-old's relationship with Tanaka.

If this is true, the pair are definitely done hiding.