On Thursday, January 14, some Twitter users created a Stingy Men Association ID card in his name – suggesting that he is stingy.

Stingy Men Association – an online association for men who pride themselves in being misers – has been trending on social media for weeks.

It has drawn attention from celebrities online across West Africa.

Nigerian afrobeats musicians Mr Eazi and Yemi Alade have proudly joined the online association and shared their membership identity cards on their social media pages.

Yesterday, Ghanaian hip-hop and hiplife star Sarkodie was upset that he was sidelined from the association after realising that an identity card wasn’t created for him.

However, when members of the association created an ID card for Medikal, he outrightly rebuffed it, calling them fools and saying he isn’t stingy.

It all started when Joey B tweeted that Tulenkey should compose a new single for the Stingy Men Association.

“make somebody tell tulenkey to compose a stingy men association song and put me on,” he tweeted.

A Twitter user then asked Joey B to feature Medikal on the song, but Medikal immediately clapped back, saying, “Woyale, I’m not stingy.”

Joey B defended Medikal, saying Medikal has been highly praised by DJ Mic Smith and other industry players because of his generosity.

“mdk mome dier, he no stingy at all. that be why mic smith and co like give am fans everytime o, hm,” Joey B tweeted.

Medikal also rejected an ID card in his name.

A Twitter user asked Medikal to buy him a laptop immediately after his tweet.

“El Chairmano u bore?? Okay if u no be stingy abeg waa i dey hia laptop for studies in the Takoradi Technical University please I’m a level 300 student and i will also need it for my upcoming project work please help me @AmgMedikal God bless you,” the user said.