Women will choose cheating rich men over faithful broke men - Michael Blackson (VIDEO)

Michael Blackson says he has never been faithful in his entire dating life.

Michael Blackson

The blunt comedian speaking in an interview said " my whole life I have never been faithful. Any of my exes watching, I cheated on all of you," the Ghanaian-American comedian said.

According to Mr Blackson, cheating is for rich men because broke men can't afford it. "Broke men can't do this, broke men got no choice, he can not even afford a woman's wig how can he afford, how is he going to cheat".

Speaking about the preference of women, he continues that "women will go in for a rich man who cheats than a broke man who is faithful". Michael Blackson also confessed that he has lied to his ex-girlfriends about being faithful.

According to the actor in the video below, he will however not take a cheating girlfriend. "If you want to do the same thing then let's just be friends".

In a separate video that has been trending today, 17th May 2022, the fiancee of the comedian has confirmed that she allows him to have one side chick every month.

"I have been in a long term relationship and I said this before, you having sex with the same individual for years is boring," she said.

She continued that "and I just want some excitement in the bedroom". The comedian who is also of a Liberian descent was asked if he allows Rada to have a side piece too in their relationship and he said "she's allowed to have any female she wants".


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