According to hollywoodlife, a new report claims that Mila has assigned two very important women to do the planning for them — their mothers!

This is probably because Mila Kunis, 31, and Ashton Kutcher, 37, have their hands full with their adorable 6-month-old daughter, Wyatt.

Concerning their guest list, “they don’t want more than about 40 guests,” an insider revealed.

Mila’s letting Ashton’s mom, Diane, and her own mother, Elvira, do a far bit of the planning — she knows how much they enjoy it and likes that they can bond over some ideas.”

However, Mila has made it very clear she wants the event to be very small, private, and intimate, that means family and close friends only!

“She’s given [the moms] strict instructions not to go overboard. Even though they have a $600, 000 budget, a huge Hollywood part isn’t in the cards for them.”

We can not wait to see what the moms come up with.