The documentary which features his daughter, Island Frimpong, and radio host, Erskine Amo Whyte, narrates his rise to fame but most importantly reveals a discouraging report he once received from his teacher.

“This is what I always say; when God got plans for you, don't rush it...just wait,” Medikal says in the documentary released on Tuesday, January 12.

“At his own time, he is going to make sure he will put you at a certain place or level. You are not at that level now because you are not supposed to be there. And in his time...everything is time.”

He said he doesn't see himself as a superstar because he hasn't gotten to the stage he wants in his career.

The "La Hustle" hitmaker, despite not reaching where he wants to be in his career, is still grateful to God for how far he has come.

“It's just patience, persistence and hard work. I don't call myself a superstar because I'm not at the level I want to be. But I'm grateful to God for who I am and where I am now.”

He then dropped a bombshell about a negative report he received from his teacher while in school.

According to him, one of his teachers once wrote in his report that 'he is a very bad boy’ and that ‘there's no room for improvement' for his academics.

“A teacher once wrote in my report card; 'he is a very bad boy, there's no room for improvement'. He actually wrote that and gave it to me for me to take home and give to my parents for them to know that their son is recalcitrant.”

He ended by shading his teacher, saying: “I know what he is doing right now.”

Watch the snippet of his documentary below.