‘I’m sorry’ – Nii Funny apologises over ‘Ga women like begging’ comment

Ghanaian artiste Nii Funny has apologised after he was widely quoted as saying Ga women like begging.

‘I’m sorry’ – Nii Funny apologises over ‘Ga women like begging’ comment

Speaking to Okay FM, the singer stated that he didn’t marry a woman from his own ethnic group because they like begging.

“They don't like me. They fear me. They think I will not take them anywhere. One thing I don't like about the Ga women is that they like begging,” he is quoted as saying.

“Any little thing, they want to do this and that. They can ask you for 1000 cedis and 2000 cedis to buy cloth.


“And if you ask them what they need cloth for, they will tell you their brother’s father’s brother’s friend’s little brother’s brother’s son’s son has got a funeral. It's too much.”

He has since come under intense criticism, with some calling him out for generalising and categorising all Ga women as one.

However, Nii Funny has now rendered an apology over the incident, insisting he was only sharing a personal experience.

Read Nii Funny’s full statement below:


In a recent interview to promote my 'No Supa' track, I shared a personal sad experience I have had with a few Ga girls.

Unfortunately news headlines on that discussion generalized my comments to mean an attack on all Ga women. That cannot be what I said and the context of my comments.

I cannot damage the reputation of all Ga women. I know and I have read of several illustrious Ga women in all sectors of development from commerce to religion to politics to global leadership to invention and several Ga mothers who are the bread winners of their homes: Ga women of repute, worthy of emulation.

I am sorry for the impression created. That was not the import of my message in the context I spoke about my sad experience.

I am not against Ga women, I am an offspring of an eminent Ga woman and I have a sweet Ga daughter who would grow into a great Ga woman.


I am sorry for any impressions of disrespect, disregard and disdain whatsoever from me.

I love and respect our Ga women.

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