Okyeame Kwame and Annica mark 14th wedding anniversary; says 'we remain the last two'

Okyeame Kwame and his wife, Annica Nsiah-Apau, are still growing stronger as one of Ghana's favourite celebrity couples.

Okyeame Kwame and Annica mark 14th wedding anniversary

The rapper and his wife have defied that odds that celebrity marriages are the hardest to keep as many have collapsed from Hollywood, through Nollywood to Ghallywood. The lovers have always been open about how they keep it going together.


Whilst marking their 14th anniversary, the couple took to social to share lovey-dovey shots, sweet texts to celebrate each other and revealing how they keep growing their family and love life.

In a post by Okyeame Kwame to Annica, he said "more than 14 years of your life has been shared with me in the most intimate way. Though I am not the easiest person to love and live with , you have been the best friend and best lover".

"You have given up on your corporate dreams to manage my home. No ! Our home. You have been so dedicated to watching my back where I am completely blind and watch my front where my vision is blurred. You have stayed healthy for yourself and sexy for me at all times .Reason why I run home everyday to beat on those drums whiles you move to that universal rhythm of love," he continued.

You have assisted my vision with your laser focus and reminded me constantly of my promise to myself. During days when I am selfish , you become myself and when I am selfless, you enjoy yourself. You are not afraid to disagree with me and insist on the right thing till it’s done. You are obviously my eye within my eyes because of your honest reviews of my actions and inactions. Due to your devotion to me , I am free to devote myself to others without the fear of neglect . I feel great within myself but I feel sweet within your love.

We are growing ooooo. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years of difficult perfection. Love you my best friend . Pls , feel free to be you because which ever you you become, I will love you. Try me. Tomorrow is not promised but I promise I will love u no matter what happens. Happy anni-versarry my sexy bestie," he concluded in the post below.

Annica in her post said, "to me, Respect is doing exactly what u have promised to do and Not just saying please, with hands at your back, with a broad smile, bowing down unnecessarily, all the while holding a dagger of dishonor, lies and deceit!

You are bold NOT because you spit and walk through fire, but you hold yourself accountable to high standards in a world where the principle of staying faithful is a farce! I call you Honourable because you honour your word without flinching!

Thank you for being an amazing human and an even better husband than I ever could imagine! Happy anniversary to the most RESPECTFUL, BOLD, and HONOURABLE man who is also extremely liberating.

You are not FAMILY because we are married, you are FAMILY because you behave like one and know the true meaning of that word! Love you forever, my Sheikh. We remain the last two".


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