'Our journey expired' - Bullgod speaks on alleged 'beef' with Shatta Wale

Bullgod and Shatta Wale have been at each other's throats again despite mending their broken relationship a few years ago.

Shatta Wale and Bullgod

The artiste manager after his infamous separation from the dancehall act in 2017 reunited. The two have been working together, however, it appears that things have fallen apart between Bullgod and Shatta Wale again.


The two have been dragging each other online over a reason unknown. In a new update, Shatta Wale claimed Bullgod knows about the murder of Fennec Okyere. In response, Bullgod also leaked the tracklist Shatta Wale's upcoming GoG album.

In an exclusive interview with, Bullgod has detailed his current relationship with Shatta Wale. According to Bullgod, despite all that is going on, he doesn't have personal issue with Shatta Wale.

He, however, admitted that their working relationship has expired when he said "I don’t know why everybody thinks we have a problem, we don’t have a problem. We just don’t work again. There’s no personal problem. Our journey just expired in terms of the working relationship. But as a person, we are fine, we are cool”.

Explaining what ended their their working relationship, he said “nothing happened, I just felt at the point the brand has gotten to a point where it can go on its own and I needed to pick up a new challenge, I am more of a person who wants to see something grow so Vanila happened and it needed my time

Yes I have a team but I am the head of my team, I am the creative director of Bullhaus Entertainment so anything that starts there, I have to be there and make sure it blossoms and grows very well," he added.

In the yet-to-be-released interview, Bulldog concluded that "the Shatta brand is huge and for me, it’s more automatic, it can go on its own because we’ve laid the structure and the new team is not doing bad so there’s no trouble there".

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service has released a statement on Shatta Wale's comment on Bullgod about Fennec Okyere.


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