Selena 22,  who went through a terrible spilt with her ex Justin Bieber a year ago has finally moved on and found love with Zedd, member of one of the biggest boy band group One Direction. Source close to Selena says it was love at first sight when they both met each other through a mutual friend. Since then they have been inseparable.

They have both denied this claim many of time but now both Selena and Zedd are planning to make it public at the Grammy Award this coming February, since Selena is now 100% sure of her feelings for Zedd and she is now ready to go public.

“Zedd wants to make his relationship with Selena official, and he wants the Grammys to be their first official public event together. Selena is definitely open to this and loves that he’s the one taking charge of the relationship. She loves that he wants to claim her as his own, something Justin was so up and down about,” a source told

As Selena and Zedd’s romance continues to heat up, her BFF Taylor Swift is helping by giving them both brilliant love advice — and making sure that Selena isn’t tempted to get back together with ex Justin Bieber!

Taylor may not have introduced Selena and Zedd but she’s “very invested in helping them feel secure with each other,” according to sources.

“Taylor is definitely playing cupid with Selena and Zedd. She loves them as a couple. She thinks they bring out the best in each other. Taylor’s been telling Selena to not talk about Justin [Bieber] with Zedd. She told Selena that if she needs to vent about Justin, she can call her instead, and she will remind her why she left him in the first place. Taylor has also been advising Selena to not come across as super needy, to be flirty and fun, to stay in the moment and to just be herself,” an insider reveals to