Pokello seems to be ready to fight with any lady who tries to snatch her man as she has warned Ghanaian ladies to stay away from her actor fiancé.

Talking about love on e.TV’s "Late Night Celebrity Show", the Zimbabwean model said “This goes to the females, when it comes to Elikem, don’t cross me. Know your limits and know your boundaries.”

Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello who recently reconciled after they separated following their social media argument last year seem to be ready to make it happen this time.

Pokello also said that the weather in Ghana is making it hard for her to cope so she and her man have been moving up and down.

“Now that we are together, we are trying to move up and down. Because the weather is very hot in Ghana, I’m struggling to adapt. The weather is extremely hot. By 12 noon, I feel very tired. I struggle with the food too but I like plantain and spaghetti but I don’t likefufu because it’s too sticky.”

Revealing their plans for the coming Valentine day celebration she said “We will be going away for the weekend. Somewhere with a beach. Just Daddy and I and we are going to do Mommy and Daddy things.”

When inquired about what she doing mommy and daddy things, she said “Mommy and Daddy read magazines together, watch telenovelas and stuff like that.”