The ace actor took to social media to narrate how it’s becoming very easy to notice gays in Ghana, particularly from how some same sex people on social media use flirting jargons to address each other.

These days it is common to see 2 gals calling themselves baby, wiffy. but f*ckin themselves. Guys f*cking their Assholes. Just asking id mum & dad were f*ckin their assholes would u have been born?? Think and stop Kwasiasem” Prince shared on Instagram.

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Bold comments as these have ripped some world-famous personalities from some opportunities as some human rights activists consider it as a homophobic statement.

Notable in a case like this, was when Hollywood comedian, Kevin Hart, was dropped from hosting the Oscars after some old tweets surfaced online, in which he expressed condemnation in people being gay. Later, the comedian apologised.

However, Prince David Osei is ready to risk it all for what he believes in, therefore, he shared the post below which has attracted some mixed-reaction on social media. See it and tell us what you think.

Prince David Osei's post
Prince David Osei's post