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He is bold, opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind. While many columnists thread cautiously about female celebrities releasing nude photos in the name of feminism, Morgan has gone head in criticising the trend.

He has been bashed about his opinions but the die-hard Arsenal fan isn't moved by insults and harsh words online. As a matter of fact, he thrives off it.

Piers Morgan has come again to deliver his opinion about Alicia Keys deciding to make up free. Tweeting a photo of the singer at the MTV VMAs on August 29, 2016, Piers Morgan wrote "So @aliciakeys wore no make-up to #VMAs. 100 times more 'empowering' than @KimKardashian @emrata's naked selfies."

According to Piers Morgan, Alicia Keys' no make up stance is more empowering than Kim Kardashian and model Emily Ratajkowski posting their nude photos online.

This is not the first time that Piers Morgan is coming for Kim K and her nudie counterpart. In March 2016, the witty press man took a swipe at Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski for the topless bathroom selfie.

Surprisingly, Alicia Keys has come out to defend her make-up free lifestyle after a bunch of negative comments. In a tweet posted on August 29, 2016, the Grammy award-winning singer said "Y'all, me choosing to be makeup free doesn't mean I'm anti-makeup. Do you!"

It's just sort of odd that Alicia Keys would receive knocks for being confident to go around without makeup and Kim Kardashian and her nudie movement would get applauded.

Like Piers Morgan rightfully said what Alicia Keys did was 100 more times more empowering than any nude photo. Let's not try to be oversensitized over this issue. A celebrity encouraging girls and women to be confident to go without more makeup is more positive than nude photos.

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Why is the world trying to still wrap its head around Alicia Keys' beauty but fully understands Kim Kardashian's nude movement? This is equally baffling and puzzling.

Kim Kardashian has every right to show off her body, as a matter of fact, any woman has a right to but how far will stripping down to your birthday suit go in empowering women around the world? I doubt it will go very far.

Instead of skepticism Alicia Keys deserves universal applause for her new movement.