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This is an exclusive Pulse blog by British-Ghanaian television presenter and actress, Peace Hyde. "...They have an idea of what that passion is but they have not managed to translate that burning interest and desire into something that will enrich their working life..."

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Hello and welcome to a Piece of Peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I will like to share with you on the topic of “Youngpreneurs”. This week was very special. We got to officially launch the ‘Aim Higher Africa: IGNITE’ workshop providing youngpreneurs the toolkit for life and what an amazing experience it was. For those of you who do not know about this initiative, it involves the Aim Higher team goes to young students and teach them entrepreneurial skills to help them turn their passion into business. I learnt a lot from these sessions. It is amazing how many young students have great business ideas but they just do not know how to translate those ideas into practical money making ventures. We heard from great speakers and one of the things that stood out the most during these sessions was the topic of Passion.

There are so many young people out there who have the burning desire to tap into a passion. They have an idea of what that passion is but they have not managed to translate that burning interest and desire into something that will enrich their working life. It is important to understand how important this element in the entrepreneurial journey is. It is the essential ingredient you need to keep you motivated and encouraged on the long and often challenging journey of an entrepreneur. The problem of passion is, it can take any shape or form. For example, one can be passionate about swimming, speaking, running etc. Translating any one of these ideas into money can be arduous.

The speakers did a great job using their own real life experiences to show how it can be done. From presenting, to photography, to speaking and singing we saw how various passions have been translated into successful business ventures. Here are 3 points that stood out for me that I would like to share with my younpreneurs out there. Firstly, It is important to think big but start small. There is no problem with having a really great business idea, but you have to be prepared to start small. Find out the best ways you can execute your business idea without depending on a large financial injection. Secondly, it is important to plan.

You need to establish exactly how you are going to translate that business idea into a success and planning is key. Write down your plan and be harsh with yourself. Mercilessly cancel out anything that is not relevant and only list the items that will help you create your business. Finally, be prepared to work hard. Starting your business is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever do and if you do not have the discipline to work hard and tirelessly all the time, you will never see that passion transform into business.  Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is something that can be an amazing and difficult journey at the same time. But it can also be an extremely fulfilling journey. It is important to stay focused and never give up  and no matter what always remember, be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Much Love,

Peace Hyde.


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