Leave it to Rihanna to be the 'good girl gone bad' sometimes and this time, she was caught throwing a bundle of cash at the BET President, Stephen Hill's face at the Bet Awards 2015.

From a shot video posted on Instagram by a fan on June 28, Rihanna is seen arguing with Hill before she took the stage to launch her new video, 'Bitch Better Have My Money'.

Reports claim it was a staged act to help promote the upcoming video but others say it was an action caught backstage without both parties' knowledge.

However, some fans think RiRi had no excuse doing what she did to a BET executive no matter if she's  considered 'a diva'.

A fan wrote ''So we gonna ignore that #Rihanna slapped Stephen Gill in the face with a wash cloth b4 she walked on stage for her trailer? #BETAWARDS''.

Another wrote: ''I know I ain't the only one that peeped RiRi snapping on homie backstage #rihanna''.

So, what do you at home think of Rihann'a action? Take a look: