Robin Williams' widow and children have managed to unite for a singular purpose after fighting tooth and nail over how to divide his massive estate.

The actor's family is coming together to stand against an alleged biopic which has been rumored to be making rounds in Hollywood.

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RadarOnline claims it's an estimated 20-plus scripts telling the story of the iconic late comedian's life but without the approval from Williams' estate, it won't go anywhere.

An insider tells RadarOnline, "The family have managed to unite over this during the reconciliation of Robin’s estate and there is to be no authorized movie about Robin without his kids and widow agreeing 100% on the deal and the content."

"And they have the upper hand over the inevitable plague of unauthorized movies under way, including cable network Lifetime, because they own the rights to his most famous stand-up shows and characters," continues the insider.

The show of unity between Williams’ widow, Susan Schneider Williams, and his children — Zelda, Cody and Zak Williams — is quite the feat considering they have been at each others’ throats since the star committed suicide at the age of 63 last August.

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"They aren’t opposed to a movie — they just don’t want to see it happen right now,"  notes the insider, who also confirmed there is no drama over whether or not to authorize a film.