Sadiq Abdulai bans King Promise's music videos from playing on 3 Music TV

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 3 Media Networks, Sadiq Abdulai Abu has blacklisted King Promise on 3 Music TV.

Sadiq Abdulai bans King Promise's music videos from playing on 3 Music TV

According to the Ghanaian media business mogul, he has put in measures to stop the TV station he manages from airing any music by King Promise. The exact reason that has caused this action remains unclear.

He however explains that “I sent a message to him and Killbeats through Ike Otoo Arhin and Erasmus that. The day he will tweet some of the nonsense he tweets about non-support and bla bla. That day, I will move from radio station to radio station, tweet to tweet, TV to TV to indicate why he doesn't have the moral rights to even talk about that".

According to Sadiq, King Promise "is the only person that continues to get enablement but doesn't enable anybody back. For starters, my channel di3 all his videos are off. There is nothing I am involved in, whether directly or remotely that will involve him. Maybe the awards board can choose to have him. It's their power but personally, I am off any King Promise agenda".

In a Facebook comment seen by, he continued that "Ike and Erasmus can all bear witness to what they did to me in times past and in recent times. I Dey my corner these days".

A few days ago, Sadiq organized the Wildland Festival, a 3-day outdoor music festival that was held in the Shai Forest Reserve with tents for patrons to stay in throughout the period.

Days after the event, Shatta Wale's rant on lack of support from Nigerians for Ghanaian music triggered a response from Sadiq, who slammed the attitude of some Ghanaian artistes as a contributory factor to the lag in the industry.

He wrote "Facts. If you like play 100% Ghanaian music and bill only Ghanaian talents (a major one didn’t show up after being fully paid recently, but make we take wanna refunds first, I will address it properly later) Many if not most Ghanaian talents will blame everybody else but themselves and their lack of proper team structures, for their lack of progress or stunted growth.

If every proper industry person will speak, devoid of the emotional nationalism and highlight the often raw treatment, non-support (Of course for them support your own is only when you support them alone) and the abuse we receive from some of them (the thing King Promise and e team take do me ehn, I doubt if I can ever overcome it) all their talk about market protection will only amount to selfish interests and nothing about enabling industry.

Until they all begin to value everybody else in the chain, all of these emotional nationalism rants without any real and genuine intentions and strategies to enable industry won’t amount to anything. They know the truth and they know that which are gimmicks. Happy new year guys, hope we all strive to do better, value everybody in the value chain and enable each other. That’s how to grow and not be worried about the impressive activities of your neighbours".


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