According to the Last 2 label owner, Sarkodie has been able to maintain the number for more than a decade – a feat he claims no musician in the life of Ghanaian music been able to achieve.

He made the statement during an interview on Hitz show on Accra-based Hitz FM.

Hammer claimed that Sarkodie as a performer, character and a business, ‘has accomplished what most artistes have failed to do in their careers’.

“He has never followed the hype. He doesn’t do what’s in the books but survived. People told him he needed a label and executive plans, but he defied all that but survived,” Hammer claimed on Daybreak.

When asked if Samini couldn’t be put in the same bracket as Sarkodie, especially as he was nominated for the ‘Artiste of the Decade’ award at the recently held Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Hammer said Sarkodie’s sense of art, innovation, and longevity sets him apart from the rest.

“Samini is a great artist but he hasn’t sustained his number one status till now. What Sark has done hasn’t been done before. He has been relevant from ‘Borga Borga’ till now and it has never been done. It’s not about accomplishment but sustenance. No one has been number one from inception. Sarkodie has been number one from the beginning till now and it’s a great achievement.”

“His influence should be put in the education curriculum. We thought the arts were an alternative for dropouts. Sarkodie made it clear that it’s a business and career you can follow properly,” he concluded.