Singer, Diamond insults Delay

"Jealousy is what make Ghanaian women hate on each other instead of supporting each other n as the saying goes if ppl don't know wot is going on in your life or ur business ,dey hate"

Singer, Diamond

Actress and musician, Diamond Appiah has launched scathing attacks  on television personality, Deloris Frimpong-Manso for criticising her on The Delay Show.

The actress, touted as ‘Ghana’s Lady Gaga’, clearly enraged by the subtle shots Delay fired at her on her show, vented her anger on instgram Thursday.

Deloris (Delay) in a recent episode of The Delay Show, quizzed the bio information on the instagram page of Diamond who has been absent from the music scene for a while now.

Diamond instagram bio reads: “Musician|Actress|Philanthropist|CEO of Diamond Cosmetics|Diamonds Empire|Diamond Luxury Cars|Diamond Appiah Foundation|Billionaires in da making|”

Delay asked, “Diamond you play too much, as a musician what song have you sang lately, actress, when was the last time you featured in a movie, a philanthropist and when did you give any donation, C.E.O of Diamond Cosmetics, what kind of cosmetics, where is your office located.”

“Diamond Luxury cars, where is your garage. Diamond you play too much, you play way to much Diamond Appiah,” the show host further quizzed.

A very peeved Diamond vented her anger about the comments saying, “Aaarrr tell her ooo WHEN WE STARTED COMING ON SCREEN ..Where were dey??? @virgindelay Hahahahaha ..She was still in the jungle Climbing trees with MONKEYS .. Now she wants us to give her wings to Fly..well too bad don't try dis village sh*t with an Accra girl.." Bo Denkye Obuu mo ona" U no dey fear face???”

Not finished yet, the Popping singer added that, she is not popular in the movie industry because she did not open her legs to producers.

“ The fact dat we didn't open our legs for Movie producers to use n give us roles like the ppl u worship day n night to become popular doesn't mean we didn't play our part in the industry..Some of us came from good homes n opening our legs to get to the top wasn't our style of success..

We believed in working hard n building our own Empire..So the fact that I wouldn't allow a producer to use me n make money for himself after selling the movies doesn't make me less of an Actress..when was the last time Steve wonder released a single or even locally Kojo Antwi ???

But are dey still not musicians? Go to Tema n ask .most of the artiste releasing hits every month if some of dem can even afford 3 square meals in a day??? Nonsense!”

Read below Diamond’s narration of how she got wind of Delay’s attacks:

"I was at Home minding my Business oo when a friend called to alert me dat estranged radio presenter Delay  was insulting me on her DEAD TV show..

so told the friend I don't watch dem local shows with local presenters so she went on to send me the link of the insults which has been published on many times did I type ur name?

Am the last b**ch u must try in dis industry cos am a no NONSENSE Ashanti princess with a mouth as sharp as that of a porcupine..When we were we WHERE THE HELL WERE U ?...when I started way back in dis industry with pple like  etc etc WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU???

OH the answer is dat u were still Wallowing in dat Village where u migrated from and u didn't have the opportunity to watch us on screen cos there was no Electricity in that Village where u resided..So if God has been favourable enough to help u out of that situation pls stay humble because even we the Dada bees are still Humble in life..

If u can't appreciate a fellow sisters hard work...pls don't ridicule it cos I have never attacked u nor ur business so why attack mine? If u had insulted me personally I wld have ignored ur ignorance but to attack my business n investments is a no go area I won't sit n watch u ruin with dat ur loud mouth..

Am a typical Ashanti girl n I could be worst than ur worse nightmare in the industry..So go thru all the pics I have tagged u n know that I am not one of the girls that play too much or u can mess with ...I will also reply all the stupid questions u asked abt me n my business so watch out for ur reply..

Jealousy is what make Ghanaian women hate on each other instead of supporting each other n as the saying goes if ppl don't know wot is going on in your life or ur business ,dey am not Surprised!".


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