Chief Executive Officer of Slip Music, Mark Okraku-Mantey has said that the decision by fans of Shatta Wale to stop using Vodafone network if the artiste is not nominated at this year’s edition of the Ghana Music Awards is backward.

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The dancehall artiste has submitted his nomination forms but the decision to nominate him or not is yet to be taken by the board.

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It would be recalled that Shatta Wale a year ago warned organisers, Charterhouse Productions Limited, not to nominate him and that if they did, he would sue them. His reason was that organisers were in court with him following series of videos he posted on social media that they felt was defamatory to their Chief Executive Officer and the company.

Fans of Shatta Wale have threatened to stop using Vodafone if the artiste is not nominated because they are the headline sponsors of the award. But Okraku-Mantey making a submission on Daybreak Hitz said the action is “prehistoric”.

“So if every year, somebody decides that ‘I like Daddy Lumba, I like Sarkodie so if you don’t nominate them, we will dent the brand’, would we have come this far? You don’t say you will touch the title sponsor because your artiste was not nominated. It is backwardness. It is prehistoric. They should come again,” he told host, KMJ.

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Okraku-Mantey expressed disappointment in the fans adding that if he were Shatta Wale, he would dissociate himself from the development.

“Ghana Music Awards has been in existence for the past sixteen years and it goes well every year. Why should one man’s fans say if he is not nominated, this is what they will do? If it were me, I would say that if such a brand should go down because of me, I wash my hands off. And I’m very disappointed in those fans. My reason is, if you go and hit on Vodafone, what do you get? Is that how you get nominations?” he queried.

“And I am tempted to think that, it tells me the kind of people who follow him. Because really, if they are as serious as all who are thinking of how to move the country forward, what are they doing at this time? They are sleeping. Those who are thinking in that direction should come again,” Okraku-Mantey added.