What a shame! - Social media thrashes Afia Schwarzenegger for comparing U.S. fuel prices with Ghana

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Afia Schwarzenegger

Social media users have effortless thrashed Ghanaian actress Afia Schwarzenegger for making a ‘baseless’ comparison about the fuel prices in the United States and that of Ghana.

Afia Schwarzenegger, who is against the ‘Fix the Country’ protest, over the few weeks has been bashing Ghanaians to ‘fix their attitudes’ instead of waiting on the government to fix things in the country.

And in her latest attack on 'Fix the Country’ protesters, she goofed while comparing fuel prices in the U.S. with Ghana.

She got it all wrong while converting the price of a gallon of fuel in the United States, which is $3.00 (average). She said when $3.00 is converted to Ghana cedis, it will be equivalent to GHC18.


“A friendly reminder: petrol in America is $3. Almost 18 Ghana cedis. Ene3 Americans fix your country ooo,” she goofed.

Then, social media users, especially ‘Fix the Country’ protestors, effortlessly dragged her for making a ‘dumb and shameful comparison’.

“It is per gallon. Wab)n dodo. Kindly check your maths. In the States 3.8 litres make a gallon. So therefore 1 litre is 80 cents,” Instagram user ‘bigsam1801’ said.

She was told her calculations were wrong and others said she should also compare the minimum wages of both countries.


“Ain’t you ashamed that you posted this without any proper understanding of what u saying? A gallon is 3 dollars, not a litre lmao and what’s Ghana’s minimum wage? Did Ghanaians receive Checks during the pandemic?” user ‘kikis_affirdables’ also said.

“Let us know the minimum wage in America n let us know minimum wage in Ghana,, selfish interest that's why u moving to one party into another shame on u ..let Ghana be first for you cos u hv kids,” ‘iamsabartojay’ stated.

A user asked her to take down the post, adding that she didn’t receive a better education.

“Somebody should tell this blockhead to delete this ooo. Benefit of school. K) school aa u think we are doing you,” Instagram user ‘hajia_bosskwiin’ commented.

Another Instagram user ‘ashraf_mourinho’ added: “How the f*ck is grown ass woman being dumb like this.”


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