The contraceptive failed me - Caroline Sampson tells her pregnancy story (VIDEO)

Caroline Sampson is still in shock over how her motherhood journey started.

Caroline Sampson

According to the radio presenter, she took post-pills after having unprotected sex and thought it worked perfectly until months later that she had to discover that she has taken seed.

During an interview on Asaase Radio with Naa Ashorkor as the host, Caroline said she was in her trimester when she found out about the pregnancy. Caroline was talking about how she conceived Jayden her 11-year-old son.

I was shocked not because I don’t know what happens when you have unprotected sex. After having unprotected sex, I took a precaution: the pill. It wasn’t the first time I was taking it and it hasn’t failed me before. I’ve never been pregnant so it was shocking to know that I was three months pregnant and I didn’t know,” she said.

According to Caroline, her son’s father suggested an abortion and left her to her fate. “The person I was pregnant for had even left me so even calling him back to inform him was a problem," she said.

"Although at that time he loved kids and there were times he brought it up, he was facing financial challenges and thought it wouldn’t be a good time. I insisted that I would keep it and he said I was on my own. I’ve been on my own for the past 11-years,” she added.

Once speaking on Yvonne Okoro’s ‘Dining with Cooks and Braggarts’, Caroline disclosed an instance where her son boldly wanted to cut ties with his father. She said her son who had enough of the continuous disappointments from his father wanted to completely cut him off at a point.

We called his Dad on his birthday, I mean come on my son does not even know your number and so if he calls you, you know is the Mum. You tell him to dress up and wait for you and I’m like ok so how is he gonna come because he doesn’t know where we live.

"This boy was there the whole day and you didn’t show up. Up until now he never called his tablet because it was his tablet that he used to call not even my phone. So he said Mummy give me another Dad I don’t want this one anymore that’s was heartbreaking,” She recounted.

The former YFM presenter who now works with Asaase Radio has since been a proud single mother without the public knowing her baby daddy. She revisited her tales after appearing on Naa Ashorkor's show in the video below where she said it all.


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